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Is It Right for President Obama To Do Legally Wrong in Pursuit of the Ethical Right of Immigration?

The New York Times, Nov. 22, 2014


Immigration is one of those causes that is so clearly, ethically RIGHT: Open our doors to hardworking people who want a chance to contribute to this country — just like the ancestors of most American citizens today.. For God’s sake, who is hurt if immigrant parents get to stay in the US with their kids, pay taxes because they can now hold jobs legally, get car insurance, and send their kids to college? Oh, I know who’s hurt — the country they left, it will lose their talents. But somehow, I don’t think that the selfish hypocrites who oppose immigration are worried about the well-being of El Salvador and Mexico. Then there’s the claim that “amnesty” hurts those who waited in line and got their green cards the legal way. But by definition, those earlier immigrants already have secure residence here, so the new people aren’t “stealing” their spots. In its selfish nastiness, this reminds me of the argument that legalizing same-sex marriage somehow “hurts” traditional marriage.How? No same-sex couples are ripping up my wedding certificate with my husband. But despite all its moral justifications, I fear that the president’s executive action on immigration  may well be overstepping his authority and thus is, in the end, immoral. Fear of the Latino vote might have moved the GOP Congress to act. And if not, Obama and the Democrats could shame them in 2016. Now he’s lost part of his moral authority.



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