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Would We Really Rather Have Refugees Clamoring To Go to Russia or China?

The New York Times, July 27, 2014




One of the favorite arguments of anti-abortion activists is to hypothesize about all the potential Bachs who won’t be born because their potential mothers have abortions. Yet many of these same people fiercely oppose immigration. Well, what about all the potential Einsteins, Sergey Brins (co-founder of Google), An Wangs (co-founder of Wang Laboratories), Arnold Schwarzeneggers, Helena Rubinsteins,  Gary Shteyngarts (novelist), Peter Jennings (news anchor)  — take your pick! — and, for that matter, many of the nannies who raised their children — who would have wasted away in a Central American or Asian slum, or taken their talents to Russia or China, if we hadn’t opened our borders to them? In fact, considering our lousy educational system (vis-a-vis the rest of the industrialized world, paltry health care, and nasty lack of welcome, we’re incredibly lucky that so many people still want to live here.


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