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This book analyzes six well-known companies that are seen as socially responsible and hip, to see if they really deserve their sterling reputations.

Find out the real story about Starbucks, Apple, Trader Joe’s, American Apparel, Tom’s of Maine and Timberland:.


I am a prize-winning author and journalist with over 20 years of experience specializing in health care, retirement issues, and the nexus between business and public policy. I write regularly for The New York Times, Newsday, The Scientist, Institutional Investor, and more

To Prevent Drought, We Can Wash Laundry Less Often, But Do We Have To Give Up Almonds?

The New York Times, May 23, 2015




It’s not just California’s residents and visitors who have a responsibility to face the state’s drought. On a broad scale, of course, all of us are to blame for our role in producing the carbon emissions that have disrupted the Earth’s climate. And those are the easy changes we can make, to help the whole planet and the whole ecosystem, not just California and not just water shortage: Reduce energy use, buy and waste less stuff, recycle. But other lifestyle changes are less clear. For instance, almonds are among the healthiest foods. Yet they are one of California’s worst water offenders. Would we really be better off using fossil fuels to import almonds from farther away? Or to eat chemically-laden processed junk snacks? Or to get protein from animals, which require even more water than almonds do? Similar questions apply to so many other fresh fruits and vegetables grown in California. I suppose one answer is to move to upstate New York, New Jersey, Washington State, Iowa, Kansas, Florida, or New England, and eat only what we can grow or catch locally. (In that case, I’ll choose Washington or New England.)


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