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 My book ETHICAL CHIC: The Inside Story of the Companies We Think We Love

has just been named one of the Best Business Books of 2012 by Library Journal


This book analyzes six well-known companies that are seen as socially responsible and hip, to see if they really deserve their sterling reputations.

Find out the real story about Starbucks, Apple, Trader Joe’s, American Apparel, Tom’s of Maine and Timberland:.


I am a prize-winning author and journalist with over 20 years of experience specializing in health care, retirement issues, and the nexus between business and public policy. I write regularly for The New York Times, Newsday, The Scientist, Institutional Investor, and more

Matt Bevin of Kentucky, United Healthcare, Pay Attention: Real People I Talk to Are Eager for Obamacare

The New York Times, November 21. 2015


It makes you wonder just who Matt Bevin (the newly elected Republican governor of Kentucky) and United Healthcare are talking to when they threaten to drop out of Obamacare state exchanges. I just spent two hours in a low-income shopping neighborhood in Brooklyn, along with a half-dozen fellow volunteers — and we found more than 20 people without health insurance (or who knew people without it) who were eager to get information and sign up. Just what alternative are Bevin and United Healthcare offering to these people?

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