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One Week after the Climate March, and Wow, Look What’s Changed …. Uh ….

The New York Times, Sept.22, 2014


Yes, this Story of the Week is deliberately one week old: That’s because the fight to reduce climate change is not a one-week or one-march story. Sure, the march was exhilarating, almost like the Good Old Days — and in those Good Old Days, didn’t we end the Vietnam War as well as Jim Crow? Well, sort-of, but not with one march alone. And I doubt that anyone paid attention at the UN, the supposed target of this march, other than the Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, who has little power anyway.President Obama gave a nice speech. The march prompted Mayor de Blasio in NYC to toughen the building codes, so that’s something..But have you noticed Mitch McConnell  suddenly calling for clean coal, or Ted Cruz admitting that climate change is actually happening? The real change is coming from places like  the Rockefeller Foundation divesting from fossil fuels and Wal-Mart insisting on better energy efficiency from its washing-machine suppliers. Let’s focus our personal energy on specific, targeted,  local, do-able goals next. If only half the time and money that was allocated to the march had gone instead to lobbying businesses and senators directly.


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