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Choose Which Chaos

Time magazine, February 27, 2017


Sure — for five minutes — it’s fun for those hundreds of millions of us across the planet who are terrified and disgusted by Donald Trump to chortle as his administration seems to collapse around him. However, there’s a real danger, as his incompetence creates a foreign policy vacuum in which Iran, North Korea and Russia are emboldened to test treaty-violating missiles while China pushes its military might further and further. So let’s focus on creating chaos only in the areas where we’re better off if Trump is distracted, has no staff, and actually does nothing: environment, labor, consumer protection, civil rights, Dodd-Frank and other financial reform, Obamacare. Delay and vote down nominees at those agencies, as Republicans and Democrats joined to do regarding the horrible anti-worker Andrew Puzder at the Labor Department. Lobby, petition, sue, and block all efforts to eviscerate the laws protecting and promoting health insurance, civil rights, clean air and water, alternative fuel, energy conservation, national parks, endangered species, worker protection, and financial fraud. But let’s actually try to get some grownups in the situation room to guard national security.  Hey — here’s a great chance for believers in small government to join with those who believe in (pinpointed) active government!



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