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And We Thought Hillary Would Make History

The New York Times, May 20, 2017


and many many more

I hope I live long enough to read the textbooks my grandchildren are assigned for history class — because truly, we are living in historic times. Trump “suggests” to the head of the FBI that he stop investigating Trump’s national security advisor for suspicious ties to Russia. (Shades of Henry II and Thomas a Becket?) Trump then fires said FBI chief when he insists on continuing his Russia-Trump investigation. (Nixon and the Saturday Night Massacre, of course.) Trump next brags to Russia about the firing. (I can’t even find a comparison.) Trump also betrays Israel and endangers U.S. national security by spilling secrets to Russia. (Ditto. I mean, the weak antebellum presidents like Buchanan and Pierce were too conciliatory to the South about slavery and thus betrayed millions of black people living in America, but they didn’t actually betray the U.S. to a foreign power.) Trump’s son-in-law runs around arranging trips to Saudi Arabia and China with one hand while arranging business deals in those same countries with the other. (This outdoes Harding and Grant combined for corruption.) Of course, Trump is also doing his best to destroy public education, so by my grandkids’ time maybe there won’t be any textbooks except religious-themed ones that teach creationism. (Ah, Brave New World and North Korea.)

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