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Find out the real story about Starbucks, Apple, Trader Joe’s, American Apparel, Tom’s of Maine and Timberland:.


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Ah, the “Cure” for Obamacare: Repeal in Theory, Delay Effective Date 20 Years

The New York Times, December 3, 2016

Of course, Obamacare has been about 80% effective — a better rate than most prescription drugs — and all we really need to do is refine some rough edges. Twenty million people who now have health care don’t want to lose it; millions more don’t even realize how much the Affordable Care Act has helped them. However, I can see a compromise with the Republicans: A pretend vote to repeal it, to take effect in 2037 or so. Obviously, that would allow time for a Democratic Senate and then a Democratic president to repeal the repeal. Besides, it’s completely in line with Trump’s actions. Just like this phony repeal, nobody believes a word Trump says nor expects him to carry out his absurd proclamations.


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