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Remainder Trump’s Budget Like a Book No One Wants To Buy

The New York Times, March 18, 2017


Some have (unfavorably) compared Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King to novelist Stephen King, although that’s probably stretching the case: I’m not sure the better King ever invented characters with calves the size of cantaloupes. (Would that be more like Garcia Marquez, to go with Aureliano Buendia’s pig’s tail?) Now Donald Trump’s first draft of a federal budget is a parody of the worst dystopian novels, with draconian cuts that endanger Big Bird along with real birds (and the entire planet). Well, to be fair, Trump – and his flaks — also like fairy tales: They will solve the problem of climate change by wishing it away. Other implausible plot lines: President Obama hired James Bond to spy on Trump? Did Paul Revere warn of the great Bowling Green massacre? What publisher ever accepted this crap? Surely Trump’s agent has quit by now out of deepest shame?



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